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Raw Game Files

Useful Programs

Console Commands


  • toggledebugcamera - Toggles much better free cam
  • Teleport - Use in combination with free cam to teleport to "crosshair" location
  • FOV [newFov] - changes FOV
  • summon [blueprintname]_c - summons item or mob but they are very broken
    • summon [blueprintname]Actor_c - will summon a player model with the item what you want to spawn
    • summon [blueprintname]Instance_c - will crash the game for some reason
    • summon [blueprintname]Storable_c - will summon the item on the ground, upon pickup the item is broken
  • showdebuginfo - I think this is one but it shows UE4 cords and other stuff
  • open [levelname] - opens specific level
  • slomo [0.0-1.0] - slows down game if you start going below 1.0
  • pause - pauses game
  • destroytarget - destroys the object in the center of the screen (enemies, people, the entire map)
  • ChangeSize - scale yourself by a value
  • SetWorldOrigin - set the origin of the world (potentially moving the death boundary)
  • camera - supply it with a number or something like firstperson or thirdperson to change between cameras
  • demospeed - change the timescale, potentially more reliably for certain things than slomo
  • previewmode & nextviewmode - Cycles through all available view modes (Kinda like different shaders)
  • gamever - Engine Version
  • quit - Quits game (closes process)

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